Our mission on this Odyssey is to experience the world in the way that means the most to us: by climbing all over it’s rocky face. In Fall 2013, we both attended a National Geographic Live event in DC where Alex Honnold, Jimmy Chin, and Mark Synnott were discussing their recent climbing trip to the country of Oman. It was an amazing presentation, and there is a video of it below, but our eureka moment came when Mark Synnott was introducing himself. He said, “Hi, I’m Mark Synnott, and I’m a North Face Athlete, and a professional adventurer.” We didn’t know this was an option in life until that moment, which is when we decided to start planning for A Climbing Odyssey!

We realize that we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to travel around North America chasing adventures. This is why we are hoping to connect with people, organizations, and other groups who are making positive impacts in their communities. We have helped out with crag stewardship programs in the past and hope to continue to give a helping hand (actually 4) wherever there is an opportunity to do so.

We aim to educate ourselves via reading, experiential learning, and gleaning information and experiences from the people we meet. We hope to use this knowledge to better shape our actions on this planet so we can tailor our lives to impact the world in the most positive way. The best way for any individual to start this process, is simply to be a friend to everyone they meet. We will strive to lift up the people around us and to impress upon them that they do the same to others in their lives. As The Beatles said, “All You Need is Love.”

Finally, we want to benefit the world and the environment by implementing within ourselves a “don’t walk by” policy. This means that when we see anything that doesn’t sit right with us, whether it be a candy wrapper on the ground, or a person treating another with hatred, we will refuse to sit idly by  while the rights and freedoms of others are transgressed. With these principles as our guiding mission, we will strive to live our lives during this trip and beyond in a way that will leave this world better than we found it.