About Austin

Austin Laurent was raised in Fairfax, VA. Growing up outside the suburbs of DC was an interesting experience, as it exposed Austin to a variety of people, cultures, and ideas. Summers were spent visiting the Smithsonian Museums in DC, and winters were spent in his basement playing video games. He attended Woodson High school, and was accepted (barely) into George Mason University. He received a degree in Information Technology from GMU, and worked at Rackspace Hosting for 5 years.

Austin is an avid lover of music, and has played drums since the age of 11. He spent most of his high school years at marching band practice after school as a part of the drumline and has also played drumset in a band with his friends. Austin currently gets his music fix from listening to and searching out new recorded music, as well as seeing his favorite artists perform live. He is always interested in talking about music, and is happier still to give out music recommendations.

While growing up, Austin participated in most team sports. Despite trying football, soccer, basketball, and baseball, none of them every really caught his interest. It wasn’t until college when he had the opportunity to really try climbing. Introduced to him by his friend Collin, Austin quickly developed a love for the sport and began to climb as much as he could. When he saw the opportunity to travel the country rock climbing, he quickly began making plans, and less than a year later, an adventure was well on it’s way!